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Student Internet portal My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi recently polled 269college students (129 male and 140 female) who regularly watchJapanese animation and/or read Japanese comics, asking them what animeand manga situations they’re

Student Internet portal My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi recently polled 269 college students (129 male and 140 female) who regularly watch Japanese animation and/or read Japanese comics, asking them what anime and manga situations they’re sick of seeing over and over again, and found particularly negative reactions to the following five。

I can not stop to tell myself how amazed I can feel in the movie.

Robert Franklin Young was a science fiction writer who applied himself diligently to writing and spent most of his life working in obscurity. There is scarcely any related information of him, who have been consigned to oblivion both in life and after death. But among a considerable number of his works,The Dandelion Girl, which had been nominated as the Hugo Award for Best Short Story, was an outstanding story that had influenced other writers and impressed thousands of readers with itself. It is a science fiction about time travel and love beyond time and space, which indicates that love is solid and unchanging. Try to seize your love when he or she appears, love is invincible, even time and space could not defeat.


perhaps the time is too late to read for the movie, but I have a time and use it to cross 30 years to watch the time machine movie. recode, it is 2016 17th of may 04:58am in the morning. it is so crazy about it, I watch it to spend my all the night. from 1 to 3 , and now I am here to show you what I felt in the movie.

The Dandelion Girl relates the love story between Mark, a forty-four years old man and Julie, a twenty-one year sold girl who actually comes from this city two hundred and forty years from now. At that time Mark has married Anne, who he met twenty years ago but cannot accompany him to travel for she has to serve on a jury. Julie takes time machine back to the past, where she happens to light on Mark. Every day they meet at the same place, having a lively conversation about each other, or about transcendental aesthetic, relativity or everything else resonated with them.

1。 Body-swapping

according to the time sequence, I choose to write down the review in 1 .the 1 was done by a funny family drama time travel . just for my feeling, the time travel is so interesting that let mack to go back to1955 and meet his father and mother, though it is just for an accident. mack need to find the method to back to the future. that's so crazy why the movie was called to back to the future.

Day by day a sudden surge of love outburst spontaneously. But the tranquil atmosphere is broken by Julie's father’s death. She could not come back as usual because the time machine run down and no one can fix it except her father. From then on, the depressing Mark has never seen her, nor as found out a scrap of evidence to support her existence. Several days past, before Anne comes back Mark discovers suitcase by chance, and he finds the exact dress that Julie has had. Suddenly he figures out that Julie and Anne is exactly the same person who had met him both in his twenties and forties. Her true name may probably be Julianne. He goes out to meet her, they understand each other at first sight without a word.Anne’s fear goes out forever, they walk hand home in hand in the rain. 

1。 身份沟通

well , the scenario was easy to guess what it run. to promise this time sequence wasn't changed . if it were being any changed, the paradox would happened andlet mack existence to disappear. but unlucky, when mack came back, the time sequence had been changed. the second purpose, let himself be back to future. it means, he need to let the inventer who is his admiring person, duct, to repair the time machine which is created by30years latter.

Julie is Anne as Anne is Julie. Julie had promised Mark that she would be back, and she did. Instead of going back to the next day after they separated apart, she goes to the day when Mark was still at his twenties and his career was merely began. Obviates the reason of defects in the time machine that caused her inability to choose destination, it is highly probable that she chose to do so. As a substitute for being a third party, she wants to change the future after she knows that Mark has a wife, Anne, at the September hill she come across with him so her final time travel’s landing place is the time when Mark is in his twenties, of course at that time she don’t know Anne is herself in a different time.

Sure, some moderately high-profile series, like Birdy the Mighty and Kokoro Connect, have involved characters switching or sharing bodies, and it’s the primary hook of mega-hit Your Name, but a lot of casual observers wouldn’t point to this as one of anime’s go-to storytelling devices。 Nevertheless, many of the survey respondents said they’ve already seen enough works that fall into this category。 One woman wrote the genre off with “You know what’s going to happen,” and apparently has no desire to sit through another anime where the two souls learn to appreciate each other’s differences through joint body custody。

it is so simple scenario and at the finial. mack have got the happy ending to be back to the future.

It is a very courageous decision for her to do so. Not knowing anything about the time she is heading to as well as deserting everything she has had in her time, only to fulfill her promise, or, to pursue her love. That can explain why Anne’s eyes always has fear and not willing to take a photo after she married Mark. It’s not only because she may afraid of time police, but because she’s apprehensive that something might go wrong as a consequence of replacing Anne with herself.


but…the story is just opening. in2, I can feel directly about the butterfliy efficient. some little thing was changed, it would bring a larger difference in future. mack and duct went to the future to prevent mack family bad ending which is after 30 years. but when they have been successful and return. they find all things had been changed .because the pass future had been changed by them. what's wrong. when?how? everything would be concentrated at 1955 year which date is the mack went back to the future.so they need to stop again and prevent every paradox to be happened again. at the last, they successed.

Her father has impart his own concept to her which against to what the time polices believe, though.That is, “The book of time has already been written.”(Young, 74) What is going to happen has already happened, who participates in a past event would become a part of that event. The time polices considered that if one from the future has participate in anything that took place in the past,he may altered the future accidentally as causing time paradox. 

2。 Time travel

but, more one time, the paradox changed. the same time sequence had been made difference future duplication. the results was: the thunder hit on the time machine, and let it go to 1885 .

Although nonidentical, the time polices’ consideration is similar to the Grandfather Paradox, which indicates that if a person went back to the past and killed his grandfather that would lead to his disappearance from the history and a series of aftermath, could not happen. Besides, her father's own concept is similar to what called Novikov self-consistency principle nowadays, in which the world we inhabit is the end result of the adaption by some forces including time travelers was mentioned. 

澳门金沙app,2。 穿越时间和空间

that will be the3 story. and this time made concentration for time machine meaning and his friend, duct was dead. absolutely, 3 is also wonderful and excellent. by so many times time travel, only one person can know him and help him. this time, mack decided to help his best friend. the friend relation is so touched. how many days did they pass together, and how much trouble did they face. but now, that maybe they were last time to see each other in the time sequence. if the movie made by one season drama, I guess I would tear.

Meanwhile David Lewis in his discourse The Paradox of Time Travel mentions that it is like there are numerous branches in a tree,enormous branches in separated exist in the time and space line. After one's killing of his grandfather, that grandfather lives in one branch and dies in other while the current time we live contains both branches as the tree. He kills his grandfather and he goes to the branch without his grandfather and could not go back through the original way, while the branch which he and his father still exists. 

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