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贴春联 Post Spring Festival Couplets 1Spring Festival WordsGreeting Season:新春 The Spring 费斯特ival农历 lunarcalendar恶月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar守岁 NewYear's 伊夫; eve of lunar New Year初中一年

贴春联 Post Spring Festival Couplets

1Spring Festival WordsGreeting Season:新春 The Spring 费斯特ival农历 lunar calendar恶月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar守岁 New Year's 伊夫; eve of lunar New Year初中一年级 the beginning of New Year小孟月The Lantern FestivalCustoms:度岁 Guo-nian; have the Spring Festival对联 poetic couplet: two successive rhyming lines in poetry春联 Spring Festival couplets剪纸 paper-cuts年画 New Year paintings买年货 special purchases for the Spring Festival do Spring 费斯特ival shopping敬酒 propose a toast灯笼 lantern: a portable light烟花 fireworks爆竹 firecrackers (People scare off evil spirits and ghosts with the loud pop.)红包 red packets (cash wrapped up in red paper, symbolize fortune and wealth in the comingyear.)2舞狮 lion dance (The lion is believed to be able to dispel evil and bring good luck.)舞龙 dragon dance (to expect good weather and good harvests)戏曲 traditional opera杂耍 variety show; vaudeville灯谜 riddles written on lanterns灯会 exhibit of lanterns大年夜staying-up拜年 pay New Year's call; give New Year's greetings; New Year's visit禁忌 taboo去晦气 get rid of the ill- fortune祭祖宗 offer sacrifices to one's ancestors压岁钱 gift money; money given to children as a lunar New Year giftCulture Note: In the old days, New Year's money was given in the form. of one hundred coppercoins strung together on a red string and symbolized the hope that one would live to be a hundredyears old. Today, money is placed inside red envelopes in denominations considered auspiciousand given to represent luck and wealth辞旧岁 bid farewell to the old year扫房 spring cleaning; general house-cleaningBlessings:万事如意 Treasures fill the home生意兴隆 Business flourishes岁岁平安 Peace all year round多福多寿 Wishing you prosperity3和气生财 Harmony brings wealth福如东海 May all your wishes come true美满称心 伊芙rything goes well国泰民安 The country flourishes and people live in peace招财进宝 Money and treasures will be plentiful八面见光 Wishing you every success文曲星升 Promoting to a higher position出入平安 Safe trip wherever you go祝你新的一年兴奋幸福: Wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming year!工作成功,家庭幸福: Wish you success in your career and happiness of your family!Food names:年糕 Nian-gao; rise cake; New Year cake团圆饭 family reunion dinner年夜饭 the dinner on New Year's Eve饺子 Jiao-zi; Chinese meat ravioli汤圆 Tang-yuan; dumplings made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet orspicy fillings八宝饭 eight treasures rice pudding糖果盘 candy tray:什锦糖 assorted candies - sweet and fortune蜜冬瓜 candied winter melon - growth and good health西瓜子 red melon seed - joy, happiness, truth and sincerity4金桔 cumquat - prosperity糖莲子 candied lotus seed - many descendents to come糖藕 candied lotus root - fulfilling love relationship红枣 red dates - prosperity花生糖 peanut candy - sweet

初一 the beginning of New Year

年三十这一天,也正是除夕(Chinese New Year‘s Eve),对中华文化圈中的人来说意义主要,勤奋了一整年,终于能够和家里人集会(get together)。大家会围坐在一同一边观望新禧联欢晚上的集会(Spring Festival Gala),一边享受一顿丰富的年夜饭。常见的年夜饭菜肴有:预示来年如火如荼的火锅(hot pot)、象征福寿齐天的鱼类、代表有好彩头的菜头(萝卜),还也会有饺子(dumpling)、云吞(wonton)等等各异的南北美味。


剪纸 paper-cuts


戏曲 traditional opera

守岁 Shousui/Stay up Late

年夜饭 the dinner on New Year"s Eve

May all your dreams come true

过年 Guo-nian; have the Spring Festival

Happy Spring Festival

灯会 exhibit of lanterns

祭灶 Kitchen God Worshipping

糖果盘 candy tray


年画 New Year paintings


Food names:


西瓜子 red melon seed - joy, happiness, truth and sincerity

菜肉饺子 Jiaozi stuffed with pork and vegetables

糖藕 candied lotus root - fulfilling love relationship


除夕 New Year"s Eve; eve of lunar New Year

Good luck for this year of rooster

拜年 pay New Year"s call; give New Year"s greetings; New Year"svisit

蟹肉夫容蛋 crab meat with egg white

糖莲子 candied lotus seed - many descendents to come

在残冬二十三(the 23rd of the twelfth month of the lunar year)那天,托为神灵(Kitchen God)要升天向玉皇大天尊(the Supreme Deity)禀报这一家里人在这个时候中的善恶,玉皇大帝由此决定是或不是要祝福与这一亲戚。由此,大家就在厨房供奉瓜果甜品,以期灶王能够向玉皇上帝美言,使他们二〇一八年幸福甜蜜。

正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar

Wish your work a success

祝你新的一年兴奋幸福 Wish you happiness and prosperity in thecomingyear!


禁忌 taboo

每逢春节,每家每户都要选用一幅大红春联贴于门上,用工整精巧的文字表述美好愿望。春联是对联的一种,同样分为上联(the first line of a couplet)、下联(the second line of a couplet)以及横批(the top scroll)。

年糕 Nian-gao; rice cake; New Year cake


红枣 red dates - prosperity

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